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TrueWolfully's News

Posted by TrueWolfully - 6 days ago

Decided to make an account just for my pixel franchise. I'm still gonna use this account for music and whatnot. I felt like starting over with my art series since I got more social media so.

Click here dude.

Posted by TrueWolfully - 6 days ago

I might make a new account or delete some stuff from here... (Like clean up)

But preferably I wanna make a new account just for my pixel art series/brand.

But if I do make a new account for it, I'm still gonna use this one for the usual, but I wanna use my new account just for the franchise.

No, I'm not quitting, no you don't have to unfollow because I'll still be updating this page and post music on it.

It's not that I want to quit or hide, it's just that I got more social media and the socials I just got is being used for my art so yeah.

And honestly when I first got an account on here the first thing I posted was music and I thought that was what I was gonna be known for. Turns out I was. So this account may only be used for music from now on and I may just make another account for the pixel stuff or whatever. IF Newgrounds allows alt accounts for different branding.

I'll keep you updated on what I plan. (I hope NG would be ok with that...)


Posted by TrueWolfully - 2 weeks ago

I don't know why I'm losing followers unless the few I lost actually had their account deleted. Well just know I'm on here lurking everyday so I'm not too inactive. :P

Still got stuff in the works.


Posted by TrueWolfully - 2 weeks ago

I decided to make it a little parody-like. By that, I mean I'm gonna make the characters casually act like everything bad is good. For example: "Hey can you trip over that cord and hand me that thing over there?" Or something like that. Basically things will be a little specific and predictably accurate.

No, I'm not gonna spam it like average parody cartoons do. (Hopefully)

Posted by TrueWolfully - 1 month ago

I just realized my art is probably getting lazier, fast. I may not make good stuff but I don't like using softwares that cost money. And about the songs I make, sure the latest ones are good, and I'm aware that my older ones are embarrassingly bad, and I realized that when I got better at making songs... My songs would probably be better if they were used in Geometry Dash, that's kinda why I made them like that but I don't know how you get "Whitelisted". I'm probably not gonna make a lot of pixel art (or at least I'll try to make em better) but I'm gonna try to make more animations. (and hopefully be in a more quiet room for better voice quality)

I kinda can't help it either because of how young I am including I sometimes feel like I don't care about quality and build. (yeah my voice may be dark but I'm still young)

Posted by TrueWolfully - 1 month ago

Ok I'll admit, I kinda have a gaming addiction going on. MAYBE that's why I haven't been doing art or animations... I mean I was gonna try to make something today but my laptop died of course. I mean yeah I've been busy but I've been using my free time on games. (Also, wow you can content rate your posts now..?)


Posted by TrueWolfully - 1 month ago

Please be noted that I may not be as active because I didn't realize this would be a busy year for me.

Posted by TrueWolfully - April 7th, 2022

Hi, sorry I'm addicted to Stardew Valley. And sorry if Geometry Dash came back into my life. Haha (send me your levels?)

Anyways time to draw suspiciously excited food people and finish the requests. (I'm suddenly hyped)


Posted by TrueWolfully - April 5th, 2022

I heard you can change the shape of your profile now. (I'm guessing it's a supporter feature...)


Posted by TrueWolfully - March 22nd, 2022

I'm back on GD. Giving out my username soon. I was a kid last time I played so don't react if my past goes to my present.

Also I'm finishing up the art requests, currently not taking anymore at the moment.