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I just sit in a house and do art, music and animations... I don't communicate with anyone, no-one communicates with me and that's alrighty.
Everything on my NG page is all done by me. :)
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TrueWolfully's News

Posted by TrueWolfully - 16 hours ago

Alrighty... So I see Figure Tubes got some views, but no votes... I guess that means the song was "ok" or "mediocre" ... well I guess that means the tubes series can still live on... I'll try my best in the 9th song...

pssst. I'm gonna try to find a way to add my voice in it! (not to sing lol)

Posted by TrueWolfully - 1 day ago

Figure Tubes released... Probably my last tubes song for awhile.

Posted by TrueWolfully - 1 day ago

new tubes song almost ready... yay... I guess.

(I'm nervous)


Posted by TrueWolfully - 4 days ago

I see the Schizo Tubes song, including the covers got comments and a 5 star (or a good rating)... while the others were left alone... kind of impressive, I never knew Schizo Tubes was my most popular one. :)

I'm currently working on the 8th song for the Tubes series and I currently have a little tad bit of the 9th song in dev... I see people didn't take too kindly to my last 3 songs... so once I release the 8th one, I'm hoping it will sound better than the others... if not, well R.I.P Tubes.

Posted by TrueWolfully - 5 days ago

After almost an hour of exporting, I've dropped 5 covers of my most popular songs!

Check em out!

Posted by TrueWolfully - 7 days ago

Just to be clear, I'm NOT going to get any other social media platform, I'm ONLY sticking to Instagram and this.

Lots of people recommended me Discord and Twitch and I'm sort-of not sorry to say that will never happen anytime soon.

If I had friends I'd try to get em on here!


Posted by TrueWolfully - 7 days ago

Randomly woke up to this at 5 am


2 huge flashing lights, I thought it was just morning when I saw the window because the lights were so bright.

Posted by TrueWolfully - 9 days ago

I need to continue my work... My art might be bad but it keeps a smile on me... I might even start using... Flash, for art...


Posted by TrueWolfully - 12 days ago


Posted by TrueWolfully - 12 days ago

New Tubes Song Today at 2:00 PM Central! [ May 4th ]